Thursday, May 26, 2011

US withdraws diplomats from Yemen amid clashes

Why we still had anybody in Yemen is a wonder, other than say some CIA, or some other covert operatives that should be lets say "Hunting".
And if you are an American and you think it is a good idea to travel to Yemen you may need your head examined.
I would love to see the Pyramids in Egypt, but I am never going there now, Video and pictures will do for me.
Yemen is one of the Biggest cesspools in the world, only beaten out by Somalia, as an American you are always a target.

The US has ordered all its non-essential diplomats and family members of embassy staff to leave Yemen as fighting there escalates.

Medical sources say 72 people have died in three days of clashes between tribal fighters and government troops.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh has again said he will not step down and leave Yemen, despite mounting protests.

He has so far refused to sign a transition deal that would see him resign in favour of a unity government.

The US State Department has also warned Americans against travelling to Yemen.

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