Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Afghanistan faces 2014 'cash crisis' when troops leave

So some in Washington (Democrats) are worried about what is going to happen in Afghanistan in 2014 when we supposedly will pull out our troops, and what is going to happen with the 320 Million Dollars a month that they receive.
That's nice, so we will have to watch more money go down the drain beyond 2014, you can not trust a bunch of radical Islamists that are in power to handle the money properly.

I just wish that the Democrats could be worried about what is happening here for a change, instead of sending crotch shots to people through twitter, and denying that there is even a problem with the U.S. economy.

Afghanistan faces a financial crisis when foreign troops leave in 2014, Democrats on the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee have warned.

The two year study by the committee's Democratic majority is to be released on Wednesday.

It urges President Obama to make better use of the roughly $320m a month in foreign aid it spends in Afghanistan, with a focus on sustainability.

It concludes that misspent foreign aid can result in corruption.

It can also alter markets and undercut the ability of the Afghan government to control its resources.

"Afghanistan could suffer a severe economic depression when foreign troops leave in 2014 unless the proper planning begins now," the report says.

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