Saturday, June 4, 2011

DR. Death, Has Died.

So Long Jack.

Jack Kevorkian, the controversial American doctor who claimed to have assisted more than 100 suicides, has died aged 83.

To his critics, he was Dr Death. To other detractors, Jack the Dripper.

Kevorkian was given plenty of nicknames after receiving international attention in the 1990s, throughout which he waged a defiant campaign to help people end their lives.

But to his supporters, he became the poster boy for legislative reform.

Both sides of the debate would agree that he provoked a national discussion, and doctor-assisted suicide is now legal in three American states.

"Kevorkian didn't seek out history, but he made history," was the conclusion of his attorney, Geoffrey Feiger.

Even the judge who put him behind bars, Jessica Cooper of Oakland County in Michigan, acknowledged as much.
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I think the debate he stirred resulted in the growth and greater acceptance of hospice care”

End Quote Jessica Cooper Judge who imprisoned him

"He brought to the forefront end-of-life issues," says Ms Cooper, who now serves as Oakland County's prosecutor.

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