Friday, June 10, 2011

Indian Maoist militants kill 15 police in double attack

Terrorism seems to be the fad wherever you look, some group somewhere is always looking to blow someone or something up.
RAIPUR, India: Maoist militants killed 15 police officers in the jungles of India’s central state of Chhattisgarh in two separate bomb blasts, police said on Friday, as the insurgents continued a fresh round of violent attacks on security forces.

A bomb attack on two security vehicle killed 10 police and injured three early on Friday morning, a senior police officer said, hours after insurgents shot dead five state policemen in a raid on an armed forces camp.

Both the attacks were carried out in forested areas of the mineral rich region where the Maoists are mainly active, and where widespread violence has worried investors and disrupted mining and rail transport.

“It was a massive blast,” Ram Niwas, additional director general of police (Maoist operation), told Reuters.

The anti-landmine vehicle was tossed up in the air by the blast before it landed in pieces, Niwas said. The attack took place 400 kilometres from the state capital, Raipur.

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