Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Iraq: Gunmen storm Baquba council, killing eight

it is pretty clear that I raq is not going to settle down, Al Qaida will not let that happen.
To bad we have to stay there and wipe their ass's a bit longer because it ultimately will not make a difference.
Islam breeds violence and hatred.

Gunmen have stormed an Iraqi provincial council building in the central city of Baquba, killing at least eight people and wounding dozens.

Officials say the death toll is likely to rise as attackers are still inside the building.

Two car bombs exploded outside the building, allowing insurgents to storm the headquarters during a weekly council meeting, reports say.

Twin suicide blasts were also reported to have gone off inside the building.

Witnesses at the scene reported clashes inside the compound between the insurgents, armed with machine guns, and Iraqi security forces.

Several people were taken hostage, reports say.

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