Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Somalia: Rising numbers of refugees fleeing to Kenya

You know it is bad in Somalia when the Somali people are fleeing the country.
it is so bad in Somalia, that they are fleeing to Ethiopia.

Islam the religion of really shitty countries.

War and drought in Somalia are leading an unprecedented number of people to flee across the border into Kenya, an aid agency says.

Save the Children is reporting that every day, about 1,300 people - at least 800 of them children - are arriving at the Dadaab refugee camp.

The monthly number of new arrivals has more than doubled in a year, it says.

Aid workers at the camp say the children are exhausted, malnourished and severely dehydrated.

The situation in Somalia is exacerbated by the conflict between Islamists of al-Shabaab and Somalia's transitional government, backed by African Union peacekeepers.

The United Nations refugee agency says there are 117,497 Somalis who have also crossed into Ethiopia - 31,000 in the past five months fleeing from drought and conflict.

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