Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cuba would hurt if Chávez is replaced

So are we supposed to feel bad?
If any jackass ever deserved to die a slow painful death by cancer it is Hugo Chavez
and if Cuba suffers because of it, maybe they will wake up and be a normal country.

Enjoy your Communism Bitches.

The Miami Herald

Cuba would plunge swiftly into chaos if Venezuela’s ailing President Hugoávez is replaced by someone less willing to subsidize Havana to the tune of $3.5 billion this year, analysts said Friday.

Havana already is divided between older leaders determined to maintain a friendly regime in Caracas at all costs, they added, and others who view Chávez’ subsidies as disincentives to the profound economic reforms that Cuba desperately needs.

Chávez, who has been Cuba’s top ally and benefactor for nearly a decade and considers Fidel Castro as his top political mentor, announced from a Havana hospital Thursday that he has cancer, sparking immediate speculation about his and Venezuela’s political future.

A charismatic populist, he has no clear successor as head of the “21st Century socialism” also embraced in Bolivia and Nicaragua — and plenty of opponents ready to challenge his 12-year grip on power in presidential elections scheduled for next year.

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