Sunday, July 24, 2011

Deadly car bomb in south Yemen port of Aden

One day the people that are held Hostage by groups like Al Qaida and there terrorism will rise up and annihilate them; wiping them off the face of the Earth.

Until then, there will be Death, Destruction, Turmoil and Mayhem!

Islamic Countries... Enjoy.

Al Jazeera
A car bomb targeting a military facility has killed at least six people and wounded 15 in Aden, the main city in southern Yemen, medics and soldiers have said.

Soldiers reported to the news agency AFP, that the blast went off as troops prepared to leave the facility for Abyan province, where security forces are engaged in fierce fighting with groups suspected of ties to al-Qaeda.

"We were preparing to leave for Abyan when a car came in front of the gate of the camp, and then there was a huge explosion," said one soldier who survived Sunday's attack.

Two senior officers, a major and a lieutenant-colonel, were among the dead, said officials.

The car bomb was the second in less than two months in Aden and followed repeated warnings by officials that al-Qaeda-linked fighters were infiltrating the Arabian Sea port city to prepare for attacks there against security forces.

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