Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pakistan Taliban make bonfire of ‘un-Islamic’ cloth

The Taliban Prefer more utilitarian style clothing (Pictured Below) , it has its purpose as both a way to carry your groceries and also Dress your woman folk.

Men may only wear sheets of highest quality cotton and a minimum of a 310 thread count, woman may also choose to wear theses sheets but only in Black !

PESHAWAR, Pakistan: A Taliban group in Pakistan on Tuesday burned a huge quantity of cloth taken from shopkeepers, saying it was too thin to be made into suitably modest garments, officials said.

The Islamist extremists stormed shops in Wana, the main town of the lawless South Waziristan tribal region, which borders Afghanistan, and made a bonfire of the cloth in a public area near the bazaar.

Shopkeeper Rahimullah Khan told AFP that at least eight armed men burst into his premises and took away bundles of raw cloth that they said was too thin to make respectable clothing.

“They said it was un-Islamic to wear clothes that don’t properly cover the human body,” Khan said.

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