Friday, July 15, 2011

Pentagon Unveils New Cyber Strategy

The Pathetic thing is the pentagon along with the rest of the U.S Government are so far behind everyone else on Cyber security.

Why is China allowed to continually hack our Systems?
Why is their never any retaliation?

The U.S. Gov. needs to pull its head out of its collective ass when it comes to what is going on in Cyber space, playing catch up with China will not be fun or easy.

China actively seeks out the best hackers in china to breach our systems, we should at the least do the same.

(RTTNews) - The Pentagon on Thursday unveiled a new cyber strategy emphasizing mostly on defensive tactics and admitted that it had suffered a major hacking attack in March in which sensitive information was stolen from one of its defense contractors.

Announcing the new strategy in an address to the National Defense University in Washington, Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn said it was aimed at strengthening and defending U.S. military computer networks against future cyber attacks.

"In the 21st Century, bits and bytes can be as threatening as bullets and bombs. It is a significant concern that over the past decade terabytes of data have been extracted by foreign intruders from corporate networks of defense companies," Lynn said.

The new Pentagon cyber security strategy designates cyberspace as an "operational domain" like sea, air and land with the aim of preventing others from using it for hostile purposes targeting U.S. military interests.

Lynn, however, stressed that the Pentagon was "committed to protecting the peaceful use of cyberspace," and said: "Establishing robust cyber-defenses no more militarizes cyberspace than a Navy militarizes the ocean.

"Our strategy's overriding emphasis is on denying the benefit of an attack. If an attack will not have its intended effect, those who wish us harm will have less reason to target us through cyberspace in the first place.

"If there is massive damage, massive human losses, [or] significant economic damage, it would be in those circumstances that I think the President would consider all the tools that he has — economic, diplomatic and as a last resort, military," he added.

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