Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Swedish Man Builds Nuclear Reactor in His Kitchen

Just when you think you have heard Everything you read one of these items.

O.k., so the guy is a budding Nuclear Physicist and he decides to build his own "Functioning" Nuclear reactor that alone is pretty amazing, considering he did it in His kitchen; But there have been 38 previous nuclear reactors made in peoples homes.

The 32-year-old amateur physicist constructed the $40,000 homemade fusion reactor in his spare time, and became the 38th independent physicist in the word to achieve nuclear fusion from a self-built reactor and forms part of a growing community of "fusioneers."

Al Qaida and the "How to make a bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom" got nothin on this guy.

Swedish authorities have detained a man who attempted to build a nuclear reactor in his kitchen, Helsingborgs Dagblad reported Tuesday.

"I was arrested and sent to jail when the police and the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority searched my apartment," the unnamed nuclear enthusiast wrote on a blog detailing his project. "They took all my radioactive stuff, but I was released after a hearing. But I am still suspect for crime against the radiation safety law."

Police in the western town of Angelholm were alerted when he contacted Sweden's nuclear authority and asked if it was permitted for an individual to build a nuclear reactor in his home.

The unnamed enthusiast brought radioactive materials, as well as a Geiger counter which he ordered from the US. He also dismantled smoke detectors, which contain small amounts of nuclear material.

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