Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Insurgents tortured in Afghanistan

It's only insurgents being tortured so who cares.

Apparently this is not supported by the Afghan Gov. these people (Muslims) just torture their own just for their own shits and giggles.

It seems so typical of Islam and its people that this is what really happens behind the scenes, just like Muslims attacking any Christian gathering or any other Non-Muslim type people(Christians).

Islam the Religion Of complete and utter Intolerance with a good dose of Torture.

The L.A. Times
Reporting from Kabul, Afghanistan— Suspected insurgents in Afghan custody have been subjected to torture including electric shocks, being hung by their hands and having their genitals twisted, the United Nations mission in Afghanistan said in a report Monday.

The 74-page report, detailing a widespread pattern of brutal abuses, will probably complicate American efforts to hand over security responsibilities to Afghan authorities as a prelude to winding down the Western combat mission in Afghanistan...

The United Nations said the abuse, while routine and systematic, was not based on Afghan government policy, but rather appeared to have been carried out at the initiative of individual jailers and security officials. It added that Afghan government ministries had cooperated in the investigation and had already moved to take action against some of the officials allegedly involved.

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