Saturday, October 1, 2011

'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters March to NYPD Headquarters

The Sixties will go down in history as the decade of protests, fighting against the man and corporate greed...
Wait, its 2011.
Damn hippies need to go home and shower so they can look for a job on Monday !

More than 1,000 demonstrators speaking out against corporate greed and social inequality took their protest to the New York Police Department headquarters Friday.
The Occupy Wall Street protesters camping out in lower Manhattan marched several blocks north to police headquarters, where they protested the police response to the downtown protest, now in its second week.
The crowd may have swelled due to a false rumor that the band Radiohead would appear. Since the protest began two weeks ago, turnout has varied but the numbers have reached as high as about 1,500 previously.
Critics have accused officers of being heavy-handed, saying they have roughed up people who did nothing wrong. The NYPD has disputed that claim.
The protesters also say they're upset about reports from The Associated Press that an NYPD intelligence unit has sought to infiltrate the city's Muslim community.

(no corporations, the rich need to share their money, they want revolution and they want it now, also they do not want people to monitor possible terrorists)

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