Friday, October 14, 2011

Twin Explosions Rip Through Baghdad, Kill 17

More Muslim Killing Muslim Violence in Iraq.
As time goes on and we see that the people of Iraq Just can not get it together without all the violence and killing and nonstop bloodshed, Why should we stay there and help?

We will never get these Idiots to understand how to work together with their Differences, it is the way of Islam; if you do not like your neighbors views or the area they were born in, you should just Kill them !

It does not matter how long we stay in Iraq, when we leave, the violence will continue.

Two explosions in a Shiite neighborhood of eastern Baghdad killed 17 people and wounded around 50 others Thursday night, Iraqi officials said.
The blasts in the Sadr City neighborhood, coming a day after attacks across the capital killed 25 people, served as a reminder of the lengths to which Sunni militants are trying to go in order to re-ignite sectarian tensions as American forces prepare to go home.
First a bomb went off near a house in a narrow alley in Sadr City, said two police officials. Then as people were gathered at the site of the blast, another bomb went off minutes later. All of the 17 dead were killed in the second, more powerful explosion.

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