Saturday, November 12, 2011

Free Speech Concerns Ahead of Meeting With Muslim Nations on Religious Tolerance

Hmmm, will Hillary screw this up just to appease some in the Islamic world? Probably.

The OIC wants to impose its will on the world, they would like to have religious tolerance laws that silence any speech that talks ill of Islam! They would enjoy seeing it labeled as Blasphemy( Which results in death in many cases in Islamic countries).

Which basically it means that your free speech is at risk!

(Know your History, We as a country, have been through this before)

I would personally tell all these idiots spearheading this venture into stupidity to shove it, we will say what ever the fuck we want about what ever we want so kiss our collective Ass!

Allah was a pedophile, Islam is a religion of murderers and rapists, keep your Blasphemy laws to yourselves.

Phuck Islam !

A looming meeting with Islamic leaders hosted by the State Department has religious scholars and advocacy groups warning that the United States may "play into" the push by some Islamic nations to create new laws to stifle religious criticism and debate.
The meeting on religious tolerance, which is scheduled for mid-December, would involve representatives of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation -- a coalition of 56 nations which more or less represents the Muslim world.

Critics describe the get-together -- the first in a series -- as a Trojan horse for the long-running OIC push for restrictions on speech. They note the track record of nations that want the dialogue, including Egypt, where recent military action against Coptic Christians raised grave concerns about intolerance against religious minorities.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton originally announced the meeting this past July in Turkey, where she co-chaired a talk on religious tolerance with the OIC. The event was billed as a way to foster "respect and empathy and tolerance" among nations. Delegates from up to 30 countries, as well as groups like the European Union, are also invited.

A State Department official told this week that the meeting is meant to combat intolerance while being "fully consistent with freedom of expression."

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