Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Michigan governor approves state takeover of Flint

Up next... Detroit.

Flint is arguably the most dangerous city in Michigan (yes worse than Detroit) Mismanaged for years by a strong Democratic base, it is absolutely a shithole; and also Michael moores hometown.

Unless Gov Snyder can get the old school democrats out of the way Flint will remain the same and the rest of the state will follow.

(Reuters) - Michigan Governor Rick Snyder approved a state takeover of the city of Flint on Tuesday, following a review team's assessment earlier in the month that the city, a former manufacturing hub for the auto industry, is in a financial emergency.

Snyder named Michael K. Brown, a former mayor of Flint, as the emergency financial manager for the city.

Flint is now the fifth municipality in Michigan to come under a state-appointed manager. The move comes as Detroit, the state's biggest city, struggles with fiscal problems that have already threatened to take it down the same road.

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