Friday, December 2, 2011

Pakistan planes would have engaged NATO in attack

If the Pakistani Air Force could have pulled their heads out of each others ass's long enough to get in the air, they would have met the same fate as of those on the ground...Death.

(Reuters) - Pakistan's military said on Friday a communications breakdown prevented its air force from engaging NATO aircraft when they attacked two border outposts and killed 24 Pakistani soldiers...

In a statement on its public relations website, Pakistan's military, which sets foreign and security policy, said that its response to the NATO strike could have been more effective had it been able to scramble its aircraft in time.

"The response could have been more effective if PAF (Pakistan Air Force) had also joined in. However, it was no fault of PAF," the statement said.

"The timely decision could not be taken due to breakdown of communication with the affected posts and, therefore, lack of clarity of situation, at various levels, including the Corps Headquarters and GHQ (General Headquarters)."

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