Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pakistani cops: Seminary chained kids, addicts

How nice, Islam really takes care of their people; especially the kids.

And What the hell is Islamic Instruction? Sounds nasty don't it.

Eight year old kids chained together and forced a little Islamic Instruction.

Islam the Religion of Rejects.

Pakistani police discovered drug addicts held in chains at an Islamic seminary that offered rehabilitation services, and said Tuesday that young children were also sometimes shackled at the institution.
The parents of around 60 young men at the seminary in the southern port city of Karachi paid it to treat their children through a regime of Islamic instruction and worship, or simply to take them off their hands.

"They were kept there like animals," said police officer Akram Naeem.

Naeem said officers had ruled out any possibility that the seminary had links with Islamist militant groups.

Patients who tried to escape or were dealing drugs were chained together, Naeem said.

Some children as young as eight were also taking regular Islamic instruction at the seminary, said policeman Rao Anwar Ahmed. He said they too were sometimes chained, if they were disobedient.

Police arrested an administrator at the complex during the raid Monday night, which was reportedly due to a tip off.

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