Thursday, April 29, 2010

Belgium to be the next country to ban the Burqa

Belgian's parliament will vote today whether to ban the Burqa. France has already moved in that direction and most likely will introduce a total ban on the Burqa some time this coming summer.

(CNN) -- The Belgian parliament is likely to vote Thursday afternoon on whether to ban face coverings worn by observant Muslim women, the spokesman for a Belgian lawmaker said.[...]

The law would still have to pass the upper house of parliament if it passes the lower house on Thursday, but Senate passage seems likely if the Chamber of Deputies approves it.

Members of parliament have said they're motivated both by security and morality in pushing for the ban.

"We think all people in public places must show their face," Denis Ducarme, of the liberal Reformist Movement, said earlier this month. "We must defend our values in the question of the freedom and the dignity of the woman."

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