Thursday, April 29, 2010

Widespread involvement of Cuban soldiers in Venezuelan military

The far left socialist and president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has employed 100s of Cuban soldiers in Venezuela's military. According to a former Venezuelan General, the Cuban soldiers have even assumed key national security positions within the Venezuelan military.

Socialist birds flock together. AP

Former Brig. Gen. Antonio Rivero, who used to head the government's emergency management agency, said his decision to retire from the army this month was motivated mainly by "the presence and meddling of Cuban soldiers" in Venezuela's armed forces.

He told reporters that Cubans are now involved in training troops, including courses for snipers, and are also playing a role in intelligence, weapons, communications and other areas. There was no immediate reaction from Chavez's government.

Rivero's televised remarks add to claims by government critics that Cuban advisers and operatives hold various positions in the government and military.

Opposition politician Julio Borges demanded earlier this month that the government provide information about Cubans working for the government, saying "never before in our history have we allowed citizens of another country to assume key posts associated with national security."
Speaking of Hugo Chavez, you can check out his rant on Twitter now. His Twitter account is chavezcandanga. I just don't know how he'll manage to redact his famous long speeches into 140 characters or less.

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