Thursday, April 29, 2010

Father testifies Hutaree suspect visited militia activist Mark Koernke

Crazy whacked out Militia leaders like to hang out together .
It won't be long before somebody decides it is time to retaliate against the rotten Evil U.S Government , You can almost smell it brewing , Radical "Religious" Militia's are on the verge of Rampage ! And It is every bit as disturbing as waiting for Al Qaida to strike again !

Militias are not necessarily a bad thing , there are plenty of them in Michigan Alone (About 47) , But as with everything there are extremists , Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols , both of Oklahoma City Bombing fame , had ties to the Dexter Area Militias ,As well as the Deckerville area Militias in the Thumb of Michigan .

Detroit -- The alleged leader of the Hutaree militia, David Stone Sr., was a regular visitor to the home of Dexter-area militia activist Mark Koernke, a federal court hearing was told Wednesday.

At a bond appeal hearing, Stone's father, Ray Stone of Clayton, testified he has visited Koernke, 52, and his son David did several times since Koernke's release from prison in 2007. He served about six years for charges that included assaulting police.

Koernke was considered a leader of the militia movement and has hosted a "Mark from Michigan" radio show. He is also credited with the trilogy of "America in Peril" videos about the "New World Order" -- an alleged conspiracy involving international bankers, the United Nations and officials in the U.S. government.

Koernke, who did not immediately respond to a telephone message this morning, said in an Internet radio broadcast that militias would respond violently to the Hutaree arrests, Newsweek reported on April 2. But there has been no such reaction, and some militia members have taken credit for reporting the Hutaree's activities to the FBI.

Stone and eight alleged followers face seditious conspiracy and other charges in a federal grand jury indictment unsealed March 29, accused of plotting to kill police officers who Stone allegedly saw as members of a "brotherhood" aligned with the New World Order.

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