Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fifteen suspected militants killed in Orakzai

Excellent , The Taliban Have been pounded every which way this past week .
Between the Predator Drone strikes and Pakistan's fighter jets , and some ground skirmishes with the Pakistani military they have not had a day off !
PARACHINAR: Fighter jets pounded militant hide-outs in northwestern Pakistan on Sunday, killing 15 suspected insurgents as part of the military's campaign to rout Taliban fighters from a mountainous area near the Afghan border, a government official said.

The Pakistani military launched the ongoing offensive in the Orakzai tribal region in mid-March to flush out militants who last year fled an army offensive in nearby South Waziristan. Persistent artillery and aircraft attacks have killed hundreds of suspected militants over the past two months.

The 15 who were killed Sunday were holed up in the villages of Dabori, Gojar and Kamer Mela in Orakzai, said Samiullah Khan, a senior government administrator in Orakzai.

It was impossible to independently confirm the casualties and their identities because the region is remote and dangerous and media access restricted.

Thousands of people have fled the offensive in the area and many have moved in with relatives in nearby districts.

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