Monday, May 24, 2010

Juárez hits 1,000 homicides for year; 16 slain Saturday

Not even halfway through the year and 1000 murders so far !
Yes the Violence has tapered a little Bit , I say it is because the Cartels are taking a little Vacation time , you know a siesta , that and maybe a lack of Victims to kill !
I'm sure things will heat up again and Jaurez will pass last years record !

El Paso Times
Mexican federal police were attacked in a drive-by shooting during the weekend as Juárez surpassed 1,000 homicides for the year.

Three or four officers were wounded by gunmen who shot a patrol truck Sunday morning outside a medical clinic on Avenida López Mateos, the Norte newspaper reported on its website. No official information had been released.

The homicide toll jumped on Saturday with 16 deaths, including one during a confrontation in which federal police reportedly used an armored vehicle to ram down the walls of a house in the village of Guadalupe in the Valley of Juárez.

Federal police had not released details about Saturday's incident, described by Mexican news media as a shootout lasting more than an hour during the rescue of a kidnapping victim. An armored police vehicle was used to ram the walls of a house where the alleged kidnappers were bunkered.

Chihuahua state police confirmed that an unidentified man was killed when he was shot multiple times in Guadalupe and that there were about 500 rounds fired.

There was other violence Saturday morning in the farming communities of the Valley of Juárez, located across the border from the San Elizario-Fort Hancock area.

State police reported an unidentified man in a Chevrolet Suburban was fatally shot late Saturday morning by gunmen with AK-47s in the community of Barreal. And, two unidentified men were also found shot to death in the back seat of a car in the village of San Isidro.

There were also killings throughout Juárez, including a quadruple murder.

Four men in a red Chevrolet Trail Blazer were shot and killed on Saturday afternoon in colonia Torreón in west Juárez. Police identified the victims as Gabriel Calderon Olvera, 30, Andres Molina Santos, 27, Osvaldo Zubia Calderon, 17, and an unidentified man about 25 years old.

More than 5,260 people have been killed in the Juárez area since a drug cartel war began in 2008.

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