Monday, May 24, 2010

Obama Tells Military: Prepare for N. Korea 'Aggression'

North Korean Aggression !
So who will take the next step ? South Korea is being somewhat cautious over the whole situation , Hillary is running around saying that the Norks will Pay for this , and North Korea is Chomping at the bit to have a little war .

WASHINGTON -- The White House said Monday that President Barack Obama "fully supports" the South Korean president and his response to the torpedo attack by North Korea that killed 46 South Korean sailors.

The administration said it endorsed President Lee Myung-bak's demand that "North Korea immediately apologize and punish those responsible for the attack, and, most importantly, stop its belligerent and threatening behavior."

Seoul can continue to count on the full backing of the United States, the White House said.

"U.S. support for South Korea's defense is unequivocal, and the president has directed his military commanders to coordinate closely with their Republic of Korea counterparts to ensure readiness and to deter future aggression," the White House said.

The South Korean president said Monday that his nation would no longer tolerate the North's "brutality" and said the repressive communist regime would pay for the surprise March 26 torpedo attack.

He also vowed to cut off all trade with the North and to take Pyongyang to the U.N. Security Council for punishment over the sinking of the warship Cheonan.

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