Sunday, July 25, 2010

German Love Parade crush horror described by Britons

And the Love sure was shown here , 19 Killed by having their heads stomped in !

That's a lot of love .

Promoters and venue operators will be sued for neglect , You can guarantee that .

Also the Promoters said they will never Hold the Event again .

Witnesses have criticised the decision to have just one entrance through a tunnel to the Love Parade and said they warned police about overcrowding.

One Briton, Salil Bhate, described seeing people lying on the ground with "stamp marks on their faces".

Local authorities said a plan had been in place prior to the event.

The mayor of Duisburg Adolf Sauerland, where the festival took place, said a security plan had been worked out beforehand.

Mr Bhate, from Romford, Greater London, had "spontaneously" decided to go to the festival while on holiday in Germany.

"The stampede reminded me of a heavy metal concert, only here, there was nobody to help," he said.

Really ? I have been to literally Hundreds of Concerts and festivals like the US festivals in southern Calif. never have I seen Anything like this .

"The number of people that I saw lying on the floor, but too far away, was ridiculous. They had stamp marks on their faces. It wasn't until I saw people being resuscitated that I understood how serious this was."

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