Sunday, July 25, 2010

Taliban: One U.S. service member is dead, other is alive in Afghanistan

Taking a Day off from everything yesterday I sure missed a lot .

The Taliban is saying one Navy personnel has been Killed and one is being held , a widespread search is underway .

Apparently these Drove off in a car and were attacked by 15 Taliban , why they took off ?

Hopefully they are recovered .

Washington post
KABUL -- A U.S. Navy service member was killed in a shoot-out with Taliban insurgents in Logar province, and another is alive and in insurgent custody, a Taliban spokesman and a Logar province government official said Sunday.

NATO officials have not confirmed these reports and still characterize the two Navy service members as missing since they drove off their Kabul base on Friday.

But Zabiullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, and Samer Gul Rashid, the Charkh district chief, said in telephone interviews that the two Americans were passing through Charkh district in an armored SUV on Friday evening when they were stopped by Taliban fighters.

"Wanted to arrest them alive. But they showed resistance. And the mujahediin fired back," Mujahid said. "We still have one of them with us."

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