Friday, July 16, 2010

Israel, U.S. behind fatal Iran suicide bombings, Iran official says

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Israel and the United States were behind the twin suicide bombings on a mosque in Iran that left 27 people dead, a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards officer told the semi-official Fars news agency on Friday.

Two bombs went off in the suicide attack at the mosque in Zahedan Thursday night. Authorities said an additional 167 people were injured and warned the death toll could rise.

The radical Sunni group, Jundollah, meaning Soldiers of God, claimed responsibility for the bombings, calling it retaliation for the execution last month of its leader, Abdolmalik Rigi.

The chief of the Revolutionary Guards' Political Bureau Yadollah Javani to Fars that that confessions extracted by Rigi prior to execution last month showed the rebel group had received U.S. support for its fight against the regime in Tehran.

"Rigi's confessions prove that the United States, Zionists and some European countries are directly linked with the Zahedan blasts, because he had confessed that the U.S. wants bomb attacks to be carried out across Iran," Javani told Fars.

According to the Revolutionary Guards top officer, Iran's enemies sought to divide " Shiite and Sunni Muslims in order to create chaos in the country," adding that "one could not doubt the involvement of secret foreign services in the efforts to generate tension amongst Muslims."

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