Friday, July 16, 2010

Pakistan army accused of extrajudicial killings in Swat

"The Pakistani military has yet to understand that a bullet in the back of the head is simply not the way to win hearts and minds in Swat," says Ali Dayan Hasan, Pakistan representative for Human Rights Watch (HRW), in the report.

Really ? But I have to admit , when it comes to putting Bullets through the Heads of some Taliban , It sure warms My Heart !

All the rest is just that Normal Muslim Killing Muslim stuff .

The Pakistani army has carried out 238 extrajudicial killings of people in the Swat Valley since September last year, says a report from Human Rights Watch.

It documents cases where members of the army allegedly took away Taliban suspects, who were later found dead, their bodies riddled with bullets.

A military spokesman denied the army had engaged in extrajudicial killings.

The army said it had driven insurgents from Swat following a massive offensive against them last year.

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