Friday, August 6, 2010

Al-Qaeda in Pakistan is top threat, says US report

Lets see ,

Al Qaida has sworn to kill Infidels wherever and whenever possible .
Al Qaida considers all Americans Infidels .
Al Qaida says it would like to see the Islamic Flag fly over the White House .
Al Qaida has attacked America several Times .
Al Qaida is actively recruiting American Muslims , or Western Looking and acting Muslims to carry out attacks on American Soil !
Al Qaida has , through al Shabbab , Successfully recruited several Somali
Americans (some currently under arrest) to fulfill their wishes of Committing
Jihad Within the United States .
Al Qaida to put it Plainy Wishes , Wants , and Will Kill Americans within the
United States again if left Unchecked and able to grow .

Yeah I would say that Al Qaida is our enemy , and they remain as the Top threat to the U.S. .

Al-Qaeda's leadership in Pakistan and its affiliates in Africa remain the biggest threats to US and its interests abroad, a US government report says.

The annual terrorism report states that al-Qaeda encountered setbacks in 2009 but has proved to be "resilient and adaptable".

Iran was said to be the most active "state sponsor" of terrorism, as with previous years.

But attacks globally fell to the lowest level in five years, it said.

The report identified Pakistan and Yemen as of particular risk and said al-Qaeda had been able to create proxy groups, and managed to recruit citizens in the US and Europe, for attacks across the world.

Al-Qaeda "has proven to be an adaptable and resilient terrorist group whose desire to attack the United States and U.S. interests abroad remains strong," it said.

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