Thursday, August 5, 2010

Indictments Widen Sweep of US-Somali Terror Case

Great , instead of these Rejects making it to Somalia where they can be killed much easier , they now will have a cushy time of it sitting in prison .

What a waste of Taxpayers Money !

The FBI has arrested or indicted more than a dozen Somali-Americans in two cities as part of a sweeping investigation in the recruitment of young men for a terrorist group in Somalia, sources familiar with the investigation told NPR. The people arrested are thought to have recruited and raised money for a Somali militia called al-Shabab.

The arrests are just the latest turn in a long-running investigation into the disappearance of young men from a number of U.S. cities. NPR first reported on the case two years ago, after more than two dozen young Somalis from the Minneapolis area had been recruited and sent to Somalia by the group. Some of the young men who traveled to Somalia have since returned to the U.S. At least six of the Minneapolis Somalis who joined al-Shabab are thought to have been killed in the fighting there.

An indictment against Omar Hammami, a young man from Alabama who joined al-Shabab several years ago and starred in a recruitment video, will be unsealed Thursday, the source familiar with the investigation said. The Justice Department has scheduled a news conference at noon EDT.

The FBI has been tracking people they suspected might be recruiting for or financing the operation for months. Fourteen people already have been either arrested or indicted in the case. Thursday's announcement is expected to double that number and show that al-Shabab has managed to draw young men from a number of U.S. cities, including San Diego and Columbus, Ohio.

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