Thursday, August 12, 2010

Atlanta airport arrest nets a serial killer suspect

Hopefully this is the Guy , was he a Muslim , Don't know yet but his name is pretty Arabic sounding , and he was going to a Mixed neighborhood in Israel .

Either way he is just another whacko that was running loose in the world , Unfortunately Michigan does not have the Death Penalty (Even though 75% of the people here would like to see it implemented ) .

An Arabic-sounding name was announced over the intercom. Albuelazam, who wore a white T-shirt and blue pants, responded, calmly walking to the counter.

Shaked and the other passengers were more than a little surprised when four Atlanta police officers appeared and arrested a man suspected of committing 18 stabbings, including five murders, in Michigan, Virginia and Ohio. Over was a manhunt that almost went international. Albuelazam was taken to a metro Atlanta jail and faced extradition to Michigan.

Abuelazam was headed to join family members in Ramla, a mixed Arab-Jewish town in the center of Israel. Michigan police had tipped off Atlanta authorities that he was trying to leave the country. Abuelazam's arrest brought comfort to people who had had relatives brutally killed or wounded and believed the man was responsible.

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