Friday, August 13, 2010

Iran nuclear plant start date set

I say let Iran Go for their Nuclear ambitions ! everyone knows what they want to do right !

Yes let them do it , we should just let them understand that when they Nuke Israel in order to as they say "Wipe Israel off the Face of the Earth" that they to will Be Minutes away from being wiped off the face of the Earth themselves !

I believe Israel can hold their own , and they need to stand on their own , of course we will watch their backs , but as for any further discussion with Iran ( Or for that matter all the Middle east ) Screw em , We have and will always have More Nukes than them , so let em go crazy , just let them know we are done , any Bullshit out of them and their done too !

Russia says it will undertake a key step next week towards starting up a reactor at Iran's first nuclear power station.

Russia's state atomic corporation, which is building the plant, said engineers will begin loading the Bushehr reactor with fuel.

However, it could be six months before the reactor is fully operational.

Russia has been helping build the plant since the mid-1990s, amid tensions over Iran's nuclear programme.
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"The fuel will be charged in the reactor on 21 August. From this moment, Bushehr will be considered a nuclear installation," spokesman Sergei Novikov said.

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