Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Ignorance of People !

A hat tip for Cammie in our Comments for this one !

A guy named Hal Lacino has a hub page titled "The twelve top reasons to Burn a Qu'ran on 9/11"
It seems a Church in Gainesville Florida "The Dove World Outreach Center" is posting some Billboards on their Property called "Islam Is of the Devil" and they are hosting a Burn the Qu'ran Day on the 9th anniversary of 9/11 .

Funny enough as it is .

But it seems that Hal , While he insists he was Born A Christian and is an Extremely devout man of God ! has endless links and ad's for everything Islam Right on this Particular Hub Page !

He rambles off 12 different ways that if you are opposed to Islam and the Burning of the Qu'ran , How ignorant you are !

To demonstrate that you have no clue whatsoever about Islam other than what your hillbilly inbred white trash neighbors tell you from the trailer next door.

To provoke attacks on innocent tourist Americans in Muslim nations through no fault of their own, but as retaliation for your utter idiocy.

These are just a couple of his Ignorant Rantings , He goes on to say later ...

You are the lowest form of life on God's Earth, and although you hide behind your claims of Godliness you are nothing more than the true spawn of Satan himself.

Sounds to me Like Hal is Waiting for a Halal Meat injection from his Muslim Brothers !

you can't have it Both ways Hal , You spout your Hatred for radical Christians , Fair enough , But at the same time you choose to take the Side of Islam "The Religion of Piece " the religion of intolerance to other religions , the Religion of Murederous rejects who can't get along with others so they kill them !

As much as you Believe that Muslims have the right to preach their beliefs so does everyone else , while Burning the Qu'ran you may see as an Ignorant act from a Bunch of Crackers as you say ! At least that act does not Kill 3000 innocent people in the Name of Allah !

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Anonymous said...

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