Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Taleban should be prosecuted for war crimes in Afghanistan

Amnesty international says the Taliban should be prosecuted for war crimes !

Really why ?

Oh they said in light of the "New" Revelation that the Taliban are responsible for more Civilian deaths than any one else through targeted Killings !

Well Amnesty International , nice of you guys to wake up and really see what is going on in Afghanistan !
now all you have to do is pay a little more attention and you will see the other atrocities perpetrated by Militant Muslims in the name of Islam throughout the rest of the World !

Afghanistan news center
The Taleban and other insurgent groups should be investigated and prosecuted for war crimes, Amnesty International said today, following the release of a UN report showing a rise in targeted killings of civilians in Afghanistan by anti-government fighters.

Civilian deaths in Afghanistan leapt by 31% in the first half of 2010, driven largely by the Taleban and other insurgents' rising use of improvised explosive devices, and their increased targeting of civilians for assassination, according to the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA). Attacks by the Taleban and other anti-government forces accounted for more than 76% of civilian casualties and 72% of deaths.

In the first half of 2010, the executions and assassinations of civilians by the Taleban and other insurgent groups increased by over 95% to 183 recorded deaths compared to the same time last year. The victims were usually accused of supporting the government.

"The Taleban and other insurgents are becoming far bolder in their systematic killing of civilians. Targeting of civilians is a war crime, plain and simple" said Sam Zarifi, Amnesty International's Asia-Pacific Director. "The Afghan people are crying out for justice, and have a right to accountability and compensation."

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