Monday, August 2, 2010

U.N. panel finishes Taliban/al Qaeda blacklist review

Real nice Eh ?

Too bad they did not consider the fact that they were Taliban and Al Qaida .

It seems that there was some requests from Hamid Karzai , some Taliban Buddies he wanted to help out !

If Hamid Karzai has requests , who else has had some requests ?

(Reuters) - A Security Council committee has deleted 45 entries from its Taliban-al Qaeda blacklist, a move sought by Afghanistan to ease negotiations with insurgents, Austria's U.N. envoy said on Monday.

The Security Council's Taliban-al Qaeda sanctions committee, which was established in 1999 by resolution 1267, began reviewing each of the 488 individuals and entities on the list two years ago amid criticism that some of those under sanctions were either dead or should never have been listed.

The result of the review was the decision to delete nearly 10 percent of the individuals and entities facing a global asset freeze, travel ban and arms embargo, the committee's chairman, Ambassador Thomas Mayr-Harting, told reporters.

Of those removed from the list, Mayr-Harting said, 10 were Taliban militants and 35 related to al Qaeda -- 14 individuals and 21 firms, foundations and other organizations.

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