Monday, August 2, 2010

US hints at operation in Pakistan

Excellent , working with Pakistan to take on Part of the Taliban ( Haqanni network)I'm sure is going to be a problem with some people in Pakistan , But we really don't care as long as the Taliban Are being Killed !

No Sympathy , just do what needs to be Done !
WASHINGTON: During an interview with the ABC channel on Monday, US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates hinted at carrying out an operation in Pakistan along with Afghanistan in order to root out the Haqqani network, reports said.

Gates said the United States was strengthening its military capabilities in eastern Afghanistan, which, he said was the centre of the Haqqani network.

"Cooperation with Pakistan is being promoted in order to ensure safety on the Pak-Afghan border," Gates said.

While discussion the possibility of taking action against the Haqqani network, Gates hinted that the United States might carry out an operation for that reason in both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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