Friday, October 15, 2010

Somali gunmen kidnap two aid workers: charity

It is understandable the wanting to help people, especially children.

But why the hell would you go into one of the worst shitholes in the entire world to do this.
Somali is extremely dangerous for the people who live there, They kill their own people for dressing the wrong way or not being Islamic enough!

It's Mindboggling, why not work in a less dangerous area where you can actually do some good, Instead of an area where you can possibly end up dead?

(Reuters) - Somali gunmen kidnapped two people working for Save The Children in the Horn of Africa country late on Thursday, the British charity said.

Local residents said the abductors had taken the hostages to an area controlled by al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab rebels.

"We can confirm that two of our members of staff were taken by armed gunmen in a Somali town near the Ethiopian border yesterday," Save the Children said in a statement.

"At this point, we don't know any more about their whereabouts or wellbeing," it said.

Initial reports said one of two was from Zimbabwe, although others said he was British. The British Foreign Office said it was aware of the reports and was urgently investigating.

It was not immediately clear whether al Shabaab was behind the kidnapping.

"We still don't know who attacked the two. Some people say they are pirates and others say they are Islamists," local official Mohamed Awale told Reuters.

Maybe Islamist Pirates ?

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