Friday, October 15, 2010

Report on imam denounced

Of course the report is denounced, How could a Muslim or an African American, as this group wants to say, do any wrong ?

It's always the feds or the cop's fault in situations like this, never the criminal whacko's, or the crazy Islamists !

The Freep

A range of religious and civil rights leaders -- Christian, Muslim and African American -- blasted a Department of Justice report Thursday that cleared FBI agents in the shooting death of a Muslim leader, saying it was incomplete and failed to examine the use of undercover informants in Islamic communities.

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"I had high hopes" for the report, said Omar Regan, son of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah, killed Oct. 28 in a shootout with FBI agents inside a Dearborn warehouse. "We're disappointed."

Regan spoke at the Muslim Center in Detroit, where about a dozen religious and community leaders gathered to denounce the federal report released Wednesday. About five were Christian, and they urged people to not dismiss Abdullah just because he was Muslim.

"Don't look at the fact that the brother was wearing a turban," said Pastor Charles Williams II of King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit.

And don't you jackass's look at the fact that this loopy Imam was breaking the law by selling stolen Goods ( It's called a fencing operation and it is Illegal ) Or the fact that he had the chance to put his gun down and live, instead of opening fire on federal officers !

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