Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Taliban Are limp wristed Crossdressers.

A little update on the Taliban attack on the U.N. compound yesterday.

The brave Taliban suicide bombers were dressed as women !

I wonder how they talked Achmed and Habib into putting on their Burqas out in public to do this?
I bet it was not that hard, Crossdressers love to show off !

The Washington post
KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN - The Taliban launched a midday assault on the United Nations headquarters in western Afghanistan on Saturday, crashing a car bomb into a compound gate to create an opening for suicide bombers disguised as women, according to U.N. and Afghan officials.

The attack was a startling reminder of the Taliban's readiness to strike at the symbols of foreign presence in Afghanistan, in this case a heavily fortified facility in the relatively peaceful city of Herat, near the Iranian border. Although two Afghan policemen were injured, the attack largely failed, as U.N. guards and Afghan security forces were able to kill the insurgents. No U.N. personnel were hurt.

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