Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yemen in al Qaeda manhunt as U.S. preacher appears in tape

Not getting my hopes up for this.
it is a safe bet that Anwar im-alacki is well shrouded by his Al Qaida "Buddies".

But it is nice to Know that some of his Buddies are helping Yemini security forces look for him .

Hopefully some good news soon.

(Reuters) - Yemen said on Sunday it had launched a manhunt for al Qaeda in its southern Shabwa province, the same day a U.S.-born Muslim cleric sought by Washington and thought to be hiding in that area appeared in an online video.

Late on Saturday, U.S.-based terrorism monitoring service SITE Institute released a video tape showing Anwar al-Awlaki sitting at a table in traditional Yemeni garb and delivering a religious lecture in Arabic.

Yemeni security forces and local tribes began combing the mountainous Said district in Shabwa for al Qaeda militants on Saturday morning, a security official in Shabwa told Reuters.

Members of Awlaki's own tribe were helping with the search, the official said.

The Shabwa governor and the Awlaki clan have signed a deal under which they would "expel al Qaeda elements from their territories and mount a joint operation with the army (to do so)," he added.

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