Monday, October 25, 2010

Bomb Kills 5 at Sufi Shrine in Pakistan

Tolerable Terrorism = Muslims Killing Muslims.
This is the only kind of terrorism I will tolerate, the kind where Islamic radical nutjobs go out and kill their own people .

It sucks for the Innocent people, But then, maybe Islam is just a murderous death Cult and that is just how it is.

Keep this crap to yourselves over there will ya !

MULTAN, Pakistan -- A bomb planted on a motorcycle exploded at the gate of a famous Sufi shrine in central Pakistan during morning prayers Monday, killing at least five people, officials said.

The blast at the Farid Shakar Ganj shrine in Punjab province was the latest in a string of attacks targeting Sufi shrines in Pakistan. Islamist militants often target Sufis, whose mystical practices clash with their hardline interpretation of Islam.

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