Wednesday, November 10, 2010

'Four Lions' Film Tries to Prove Terrorists Can Be Funny

A Funny Terrorist movie?

Terrorism is certainly not a light nor a laughable issue, but that doesn't mean you can't make a comedy about it.

At least that's what British filmmaker Chris Morris hopes.

He has created four fictitious jihadists for the big screen in the uber-black, slapstick comedy “Four Lions,” centered on their idiotic attempts to execute an attack.

Among the antics, the buffoons pathetically attempt to make bombs, convince a dim-witted neighbor they are a band, sing “Toploader” on their mission, and struggle to string together a sentence without cracking up during the making of their martyrdom videos.

While Morris managed to take the sensitive issue of “homegrown terrorists” and make it shockingly farcical and funny, he never actually set out to court controversy, but rather to portray the ridiculousness embedded in the world of extremism.

“I was reading about a serious subject, but kept finding things that were very silly. For example, there were some guys in Yemen that wanted to blow up a U.S. warship with an exploding boat; they got to the quayside at 3 in the morning. They put their launch in the water and filled it with explosives and it sank," Morris told Pop Tarts. “Then there were these Canadians that wanted to assassinate the Canadian Prime Minister, but forgot his name.”

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