Thursday, November 11, 2010

'Major' Human Smuggling Cell Busted in Arizona

But there is nothing wrong in Arizona, or any other place along the Border with Mexico.
That is what the Obamasiah Would like us to believe.

Arizona may want to check into their Vehicle registration Process Though.

PHOENIX – Authorities have dismantled a major cell of a human smuggling ring that may be responsible for the transportation of thousands of illegal immigrants from the U.S.-Mexico border to Phoenix and other parts of the country, investigators said Wednesday.

Nine people were arrested Wednesday after a yearlong investigation. They have not yet been charged but are accused of picking up illegal immigrants after they crossed the border by foot, and taking them to what are known as drop houses in Phoenix before they were distributed to other parts of the country.

The group was led by a man who told them his name is Mark Rodriguez-Banks, although investigators were working to determine whether that is his real name and if he was living in the country legally, said Arizona Department of Public Safety Capt. Fred Zumbo.

All but one of those arrested are believed to be in the country illegally. Their names were not released.

Rodriguez-Banks provided vehicles for the immigrants' transportation from the border to Phoenix, and from there to other parts of the country, Zumbo said.

Authorities seized 62 vans from the group Wednesday, some of which were disguised as belonging to flower or carpet cleaning companies. None of the vehicles had been reported stolen but were registered to people with addresses that don't exist.

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