Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mexico hunting 12-year-old drug gang hitman

A Twelve year old !
The Mexican cartels are truly ruthless, $3000 to off somebody ?

The AA (Artist Assassins) are a group of young kids that go around and not only point people out to the Cartels, but they also perform hits.

It's a messed up world.

(Reuters) - Soldiers are hunting a 12-year-old suspected drug gang hitman accused of helping wage a gruesome turf war in central Mexico, a state prosecutor and Mexican media said on Friday.

The boy, known only as "El Ponchis," is believed to be working for the South Pacific cartel in Morelos state, outside Mexico City, and is one of a group of young teenagers who have already committed "terrible acts," Morelos State Prosecutor Pedro Luis Benitez told local radio.

"These minors are still not fully developed and so it is easy to influence them, to give them a gun, pretending it is plastic, that it is a game."

Benitez did not name the boy or give more details, but when asked directly about the teenage hitmen he said: "They're persuaded to carry out terrible acts; they don't realize what they are doing," he added.

Mexican daily La Razon said the boy is being paid $3,000 for each murder and is under the command of a little-known drug lord who heads the South Pacific cartel fighting the Beltran Leyva and La Familia gangs for control in southwestern Mexico.

Benitez said soldiers this week arrested a teenage boy and a pregnant teenage girl also believed to be working for the South Pacific cartel.

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