Saturday, November 13, 2010

Taliban mount series of attacks in Afghanistan

(Reuters) - Taliban insurgents attacked the main airport and a foreign military base in Afghanistan's east on Saturday, one of three incidents in 24 hours that marked a sudden upswing in violence.

In an apparent demonstration that the rebellion has not been weakened despite NATO-led forces saying they have made gains, militants mounted attacks in Jalalabad and Kunar in the east and northern town Kunduz, as well as in the capital Kabul on Friday.

The attacks will likely send a clear message to NATO leaders who will gather for a summit in Lisbon next week that the security question in Afghanistan is still far from resolved, and that the Taliban remain a formidable enemy.

The spike in violence could not come at a worse time for European NATO leaders, who are feeling increasing pressure at home amid sagging support for the drawn-out war.

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