Thursday, January 27, 2011

Egypt unrest enters third day

And yet again for a third day...

Rising unemployment, lack of Freedom and outright Oppression seem to be the cause.

UH, lack of Freedom?



What the hell are the Muslims bitching about, they are Fighting the true nature of Islam.

(Reuters) - Activists trying to oust Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak extended protests against his 30-year rule into a third day on Thursday, playing cat-and-mouse with police and making a new call for protests seeking change.

Prominent reform campaigner Mohamed ElBaradei, who lives in Vienna, was due to return to Egypt on Thursday. His arrival could drive on protesters who have no figurehead, although many activists resent his long absences over past months.

At least three protesters and one policeman have died in clashes since they erupted on Tuesday. The protests, inspired by a popular revolt in Tunisia and unprecedented during Mubarak's strong-arm rule, have seen police fire rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators throwing rocks and petrol bombs.

Like Tunisians, Egyptians complain about surging prices, a lack of jobs and authoritarian rule that has relied on heavy-handed security to keep dissenting voices quiet.

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