Wednesday, January 26, 2011

La Familia cartel in retreat

La Familia Disbanded, I don't think so.

Maybe laying low, but disbanded; No!

The Mexican government vowed Tuesday not to back down in its fight against La Familia drug cartel, despite mysterious banners proclaiming that the brutal gang has dissolved itself.

Lawmakers and drug war experts expressed skepticism about the banners, saying the message could be a ploy to divert the focus of federal security forces away from the cartel, known for beheadings and bold attacks on police and soldiers.

Alejandro Poire, the federal government's security spokesman, "there would be no truce" with La Familia. He did not comment directly on the banners but said La Familia has been weakened since its leader Nazario Moreno was killed in a gunbattle with police last month.

"What is clear is that this criminal organization is weakened and in retreat," Poire said at a news conference.

The banners claiming "La Familia is completely dissolved" appeared Monday on bridges in western Michoacan state, the cartel's stronghold.

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