Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Massacre-in-the-making' interrupted in Juárez, police say

10 very lucky people in Mexico today.
If they would like to remain lucky, they best find someplace else to live( Not here thoough)

EL Paso Times

Mexican federal police interrupted a weekend massacre-in-the-making in a Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, motel and captured two hit men working for a major cartel in the city, a spokesman for the federal police told CNN Monday.

"We received an anonymous tip that these men were sequestering a group of 11 in a motel," federal police spokesman Ramon Salinas said. "We acted on the tip and were able to catch them in the act of a massacre at a motel party."

The men were planning to kill a group of 11 youths and managed to kill one of them before police arrived, according to Salinas, who described the 11 only as young people, without specifying ages or sexes.

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