Friday, May 27, 2011

Group of 8 Pledges to Aid Egypt and Tunisia

Take 20 Billion Dollars give it to a couple arab countries that have no government and have every radical Islamist group that exists fighting for some kind of power and what do you get...The next Al Qaida or Iranian regime.
Or something like that, it is obvious that the Muslim Brotherhood is actively trying to make waves in Egypt, the problem is that these Group of Eight rejects do not see the problem with it, just give them a few Billion dollars here and there they will like us...Not a Chance.

The New York Times
DEAUVILLE, France — Prodded by the United States, the world’s leading industrialized countries said here on Friday they would help revive the economies of Egypt and Tunisia, though they made no specific country-by-country financial pledges.

In a communiqué issued by the Group of 8 at the end of a summit meeting in this French seaside resort, the leaders said they had agreed to launch “an enduring partnership with those countries engaging in a transition to democracy and tolerant societies.”

The economic aid package will rely heavily on multilateral institutions like the International Monetary Fund and the European Investment Bank. The Group of 8 said those institutions could generate more than $20 billion in assistance, though it was not clear that money would flow to Egypt and Tunisia.

Representatives of the G-8 countries, who discussed the matter at a series of lunches and dinners Thursday and in working sessions that lasted until about 4 a.m. Friday, expressed concern that the reform movement risked being “hijacked” by Islamic radicals if the West did not help the two countries that touched off the Arab Spring to modernize their economies, two European diplomats who were present during the discussions said.

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