Friday, May 27, 2011

US lawmakers block China firms from Pentagon contracts

Ridiculously typical of the U.S. Government, passing a law where you don't need to.
It should be a given that anyone affiliated with any company that has dealings with China, including China itself should not be able to bid on any U.S, defense contracts!
Actually all our defense contracts should be bid on only by Americans and American companies, why would you want to potentially help out a potential enemy?
For some stupid ass reason the possibility has been there.

Lawmakers in the US House of Representatives have voted to bar Chinese defence firms from receiving Pentagon contracts.

The amendment was passed as part of a larger defense budget bill passed by the House in Washington on Wednesday.

It excludes all companies owned by or affiliated to the Chinese government from US defense deals.

The US Senate must also pass the bill before it can be approved by President Barack Obama.

Congresswoman Rose DeLauro, a sponsor of the amendment, said it would help guard US national security interests.

"With China making significant progress in the defense and aerospace industries, including a Chinese state-controlled company considering a bid for the contract for the next presidential helicopter, it is critical that we ensure US national security is protected and that the highly skilled jobs and associated technologies in these industries are not outsourced overseas," she said in a statement.

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